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Long Lasting Maple Shack

Growing up in  Quebec, Canada, maple syrup has been a big part of my mother's side of the family's lifestyle. Not only did my family regularly enjoy maple products, but they also produced syrup from their maple tree farm. My grandfather owned the maple farm and each Spring he and a few of my aunts and uncles would accompany him to collect the maple sugar from the trees and make the syrup and other maple products in their maple shack.
 The entrance has long since become significantly more obscure but beginning at the two tall trees you can follow a skinny, moose tracked marshy path to arrive at the maple shacks.

The cabin where my grandfather and aunts and uncle would stay to eat and stay warm for the cold is on the left, and the cabin where the maple syrup was made in is on the right. My grandfather bought both cabins in the early 1950s and are about 100 years old. My family has been able to keep them in good shape for many years but have recently fallen into disuse.

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