Artistic Photography

Over the course of the year, my interest in photography has increased. Presented below are a few of my favorite artistic photography works from the past year. As my love of photography started blooming, I traveled to multiple countries including, Canada and France, where I took images of nature such as #1 of the Saint Lawrence River, and #9 of the Atlantic Ocean in La Rochelle, France. As well, I have presented below a surreal image (#6) of a girl with leaves marking her face and clouds in her eyes. This image is a visual representation of Mother Nature. Finally, there is an image (#8) of a girl screaming. This image demonstrates the combination of chaos and joy from her expression. 

1) Saint Lawrence River Waves

2) Peaceful Winter Day at Lake Michigan, Chicago Illinois

3) Des Roses Trémières of La Rochelle, France

4) Trois-Pistoles, Quèbec Autumn Sunset

5) Dallas Texas Cityscape

6) Mother Nature

7) Pathway to the Other Side of the World

8) Scream!

9) Pirate Ship at Sea

10) Frostbitten Leaf

11) Tour de la Lanterne


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