Midway and Yearbook Photos

During my time at the University of Chicago Lab School, I was apart of Photojournalism. I spent time outside of class taking pictures of all the events happening around the school which were then used in our school's newspaper, The Midway and yearbooks for each year. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

1) University Highschool Girls Varsity basketball team players at a home game.

2) Students applauding peers at the University Highschool's Senior Graduation, June 2018.

3) U-Highs Jazz Band dressed in Halloween costumes performs for the Lower Schoolers at the school courtyard.

4) Students drawing during the Artsfest, day of art workshop.

5) Students competing in a carnival game during the Rites of May, an annual all-school event celebrating the Lab School.

6) A Lab School's Tennis player at the Lab School's home court.

7) Two students dressed up for Twin Day during Spirit Week in front of the Lab School.


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