Associations To Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a neighborhood on the South side of Chicago. To anyone who researches the name in Google or looks at a description of Hyde Park on a map, they might read something along the lines of this: "Culturally diverse Hyde Park is home to the picturesque University of Chicago campus and the Frederick C. Robbie House, a Frank Lloyd Wright work. Summer crowds head to 57th Street Beach, while the former Palace of the Fine Arts, built for the Worlds Columbian Exposition of 1893, is now home to the Museum of Science and Industry. Founded in 1939, the Hyde Park Art Center exhibits contemporary works."
    Although Hyde Park might be known for its rich history and famous locations, everyone has a different association with it whether they have lived in Hyde Park their whole life or just come down occasionally for required events such as school.

To some, it is Lake Michigan and the Point.

To others, it is the antique Medici Bakery to which they often will go to grab ice-cream or stop by the restaurant for a meal.

Some associate Hyde Park with a location they spend more than eight hours a day in, The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

There are also those who adore the architecture present throughout this neighborhood such as the Regenstein Library known for its "coziness"...

And diversity present even in the houses.

There are also the lifers who associate Hyde Park to their childhood...

And finally, people who know Hyde Park as being their home.


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